Six Sentence Sunday: Mischief & Mayhem, Assassins for Hire

Mischief & Mayhem: Assassins for Hire is, yes, another unfinished NaNo. I got tired of going mainstream fiction for NaNo and being, well, serious. So I went the satirical route and created two men–one with homo-erotic intendencies–who decide to have a business on the side to kill for money. Read more about it here.

Setting the scene: They have a huge target that needs to die and Mayhem has got the dosage wrong on the meds. The clients reacts in a violent manner.

[Mischief] sucked in a deep breath, the subtle stench of diarrhea getting stronger. His eyes went wide as the shadow of a total eclipse of the moon descended on him. An incredible pain erupted from his crotch and Mischief’s scream in progress went up a few octaves. Shamu had a hold of his pride and joy. The instrument he could play with ease and bring his own kind of music to a roaring crescendo. His penis.


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