Six Sentence Sunday: Ghosts in the Mirror

Ghosts in the Mirror is another unfinished NaNo. I’m trying to make it Young Adult but not the bubble gum variety. According to others that write YA, I show too much of the adult element. For me, both sets of eyes are needed and times are changing.

Setting the scene: I have little snippets here and there that are in the mind of the true antagonist. I mean it to be dark, creepy, and disjointed.

The crisp night brought a smile to thin lips. Dark streets added to the glee as the time came for bars to close and prospects hung like ripe fruits in an orchard. Oily and slick, the shadows coated evil and the hunt began. A small community too trusting too drunk to see or hear the tolling of the bells as something stalked. Sweet sin awaited and soon, something to nourish wickedness cried where no ears would hear. With awakening came sweet pleasure.


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