Six Sentence Sunday: Pale Dragon

Pale Dragon is my first attempt–and failure–at NaNo. I’ve told this story before but it bears a brief retelling. I distracted myself with video games instead of bucking down and when I decided to bash at the keys, my laptop died a horrible death. Such is life.

Setting the scene: Zhara, friend and once lover of Mitchell, stands by his grave remembering what led them to this fate.

She stifled her tears, becoming cold as the misted air around her. Zahra couldn’t afford to breakdown and become what Mitch had. Hana’s death had taken his soul and twisted it, like someone had curled it around their fingers and yanked it from his very being. Instead of grounding him in reality, she feed his vengeance and helped him track down the killers. All because she loved him.

In that Zahra was a fool.


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    • On the bright side, I didn’t lose any of the story thanks to an external sleeve for the hard drive I pulled out of the old laptop. I recommend anyone that had a computer died to do that with the HD. Most often, you can salvage the documents.

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