Six Sentence Sunday: Fate’s Path

Fate’s Path is an old manuscript not finished. This one was a classic example of tearing down the main character and rebuilding him. It’s an epic fantasy set in a world of my creation.

Setting the scene: Sebolt reflects on a visit from the woman he loves as he’s condemned to a life as a slave.

It reminded Sebolt of a test back in the Tahaki Plains. The slow walk over hot coals, the last test a warrior endured after surviving the dangers of the wilds. Through the haze the pain created, the Tahaki warrior attuned himself to his spirit and the animal that represented it, Shoaku’s gift to her new warrior. As the sun heated the black ash coating the training area, Sebolt used it to wash away the memories of last night. Neri thought him sound asleep when he heard her softly weeping. She had always been stronger than she gave herself credit for and her shuddering form showed him how taxed her spirit had become.


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