Comfortable in my Skin

I never thought when I started writing in middle school that I’d get this far. I also never envisioned the buttery slice of bread being licked off in a slow tease. Writing the naughty stuff has been good to me. Not that I won’t give mad props to the not-so-erotic. I’ve sold on that side too but my erotic/romantic side seems to have found a niche in the world.

As prudish as the country I live in can be, I highly doubt that behind locked doors most of us aren’t getting our freak on. What two people share in the bedroom is a sensual dance of intimacy and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If I followed my religion to the hilt, anything raunchy I’ve thought or written is a one way ticket into the handbasket of eternal suffering. Does that mean that I can’t take pleasure in the old in and out? Decadent, mind-numbing naughtiness is something I love between my spouse and I. Screw that “only for procreation” crap. If our nether regions weren’t supposed to make us see stars, then why are the parts to do so on our body?

So here I am in the midst of NaNo bliss and not one of my stories is run-of-the-mill mainstream fiction. It has nothing to do with what will gain me fame, it has everything to do with writing something I love. Hot sensual passion between two characters who find love beyond impossible odds or that special beating of hearts.

You can’t escape it, no matter how hard you run and it’s not something that you feel between the confines of some tight jeans. It always starts in the middle of your chest. Your compass lies in your head. Again, not the one in your khakis, boys.

We read the fantastic fantasy world of romance to get away. To live that dream of the shining knight who will save us from our accursed virginity and lead us into the blissful road of “Oh yes! Right there! YES!YES!”.

It took me a long time to feel the comfort of who I am and while I might think of the ‘what ifs’ I don’t think I’d change a thing. The road that led me here is what made me who I am.

That I’m unwilling to give up for anything.

The photo shown is a picture of my husband’s grandparents. They showed a passion that back in their day was a bit taboo.


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