Six Sentence Sunday: Boughs of Holly

Boughs of Holly. At first, this manuscript was the bain of my existence. It took a path I didn’t want to go on since I started seriously writing the steamy stuff. Originally titled Mistletoe, it had a grittier edge and was quite over the top. Critiquers loved it, publishers did not. So I made it into something completely different from the original.

A few quarters later, he sat with his arms crossed, watching his sheets go through the works. His eyes threatened to close and a grin spread across his face when his little minx appeared sitting on top of the washer. She moaned to the beat of the vibrating machine. Unlike in his dream, where she pleasured herself in the buff, this time his imaginary lover wore a short red skirt with white fur trim. Her halter top matched the bottom half of her outfit. Holly and silver bells adorned her hair along the sides, tucked behind pointed ears. She looked like something out of a cheesy claymation holiday special, except the babe was definitely made of sweet sensual skin.