Planning for NaNo

I knew what I wanted to do for National Novel Writing Month. You see, it doesn’t have to be a novel in the sense, and my past experience of not finishing the novels I started soured me on doing another one. Not that I don’t have tons of ideas, mind you. They can stay in my head and on paper for now. I will get to them.

Instead, I’m going to do a series of shorts around 5k to 10k.

There’s a few anthologies coming up that I’m interested in submitting to. So I’m using NaNo to belt those puppies out. One the week before, I wanted to get everything laid out but my brain refused to cooperate, allowing my muse to run amuck. Naked and far from a prude, my muse humped its way through both hemispheres of my grey matter, never stopping once to allow his seed to bear fruit.

Cheeky bastard.

Then, as the day wore on and the physical part of my body wanted no more of this running around, I sat down and the words started to flow. By the end of the night, I had five concepts on paper.

#1: This one will deal with mythos in South America, most likely surrounding Inca, Mayan, or Aztec culture. I’ll have to do some research on this one so it doesn’t sound like I’m fumbling in the dark. The main character will be a female. Type-Erotica.

#2: If you’ve read Dream Weaver, there was a minor character named Mandy in it. Like Justin, she’s fairy cast out from their realm by Eros. I’m not sold on using Cupid’s name and might find a variant but it will deal with the gods punishing a race and condemning them to a life in the mortal world. The same premise as the last story. Mandy’s got to find her mate or never be able to return to her realm. Type-Erotica.

#3: Another fairy story. This one I’m going to do a twist on the ‘finding beauty on the inside’ shtick. Two factions of fairies, one plain and one more sparkly and a spoiled princess who needs to learn a lesson. The end result is finding the love of her life by getting to know him as a person instead of an object. Type-Romance.

#4: This one I made the most notes for. It’s going to have a western setting and involve an ex-criminal and a widow with a son. I plan to have some nice redemption values woven in and, of course, a HEA. Type-romance.

#5: I’m going to do a story involving a gladiator, a sort of spinoff off Death Comes with Areus. It will be in the PoV of his wife-to-be. This one will be my challenge piece. Areus swore a vow of silence when he was captured and forced into slavery. Type- ??. I’m not sure on this one. It might be romance, it might turn erotic. It all depends on where my mind takes me on this one. I’m also planning for this one to be more novella size.

That’s my plan of action. Once I get going with these, I’ll also try and finish Beneath the Boughs and The Romance Novel Book Club. If they don’t get finished, that’s okay. 2012 is all about the novels.

Anyone else doing NaNo? What’s your plans?


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  1. I’m doing NaNo, and have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow detailing my plans. I certainly have stuff I intend to get finished during it, though. I hope to have at least three of my incomplete works completed by the end of November. If I’m good enough, it might even be more. 🙂

  2. I was so good at getting a post up on Wednesday too so it’s ironic NaNo-something dedicated to writing-is going to derail that. We’ll see. If I get lucky, I’ll block out some time over the weekend to crank out some pre-blog stuff before the rush. I’m more excited about this year’s NaNo than any other. 🙂 What I’m working on is more for more than just fun, it’s to get published!

  3. I’m bending the rules too. I want to finish the novel I started last year and got about 13k words into. It’s about a kid who’s given a wish-granting genie. It follows his life as he goes through Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, with each major wish being a major milestone for a stage. People who’re read bits of it have enjoyed it, so I’m hoping if I get it done for NaNo I can have it ready for queries by next spring.

    • I think at this stage of my writing life, I need to do things that will bear fruit instead another unfinished project. It doesn’t do me any good to continue that vicious cycle. I’m encouraging others to follow in my madness.

  4. Your projects sound really interesting. I love the idea of completing so many short stories. You’ll be ahead of the game come submission time.
    For NaNo, I’m finishing off a novel that I started over a year ago. I’ve given myself 2 weeks of head space to plot and plan, and I’m so glad I have. I finally figured out why the bugger stalled: Structure. The plot is now clear in my head, I’ve researched what needed researching and I’ve even downloaded music that will help inspire certain scenes. I want this novel finished and a first pass of edits completed by the end of the year.
    Best of luck with NaNo. Can’t wait to hear how you get on.

    • As the last week of October crawls along, I’m getting more and more excited about starting these projects. I’ve printed out everything for research and premise so that each step is set out. I find plotting out shorts is easier than novels because I don’t deviate as much.

  5. I thought about doing a series of short stories, and I’ve been recommending to others to do shorts if they feel a novel isn’t an obtainable goal for them. Really, the point is to get you writing a good amount every day. I like the sound of the gladiator short. Seems like it could be a mix of romance, erotica, angst and inner journey.

    • That’s a great idea! I think a lot of people think it’s only for novels but you can make a novel from a lot of shorts. This year is all about breaking the mold and breaking the cycle. I’m hoping this inspires a lot of people to try something different.

    • I had a lot of novel ideas too but couldn’t bring myself to start another. 2012 is going to be all about the novels for me so cranking out some shorts while sate my publishing craving for now.

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