Evernight Publishing’s Midnight Seduction

Every writer has a character they really like. Maurizio is one of them for me. I can’t recall when I created him exactly or what sparked it but the name came easy. I don’t feel like I cheated the character by putting him in a short story. In fact, all the writing I did with the character won’t be wasted. In fact, I’ve come up with another concept and another character to compliment Maurizio. Since he was the last Nikash, other existed with him in his ‘younger’ years. I have a plan to create something bigger out of the idea I started. Let’s see how I do next year on my ‘finish a novel, you twat’ epic quest.

Now for the fun part. The time has come for Midnight Seduction’s release! It is available for purchase on Evernight Publishing’s site and Amazon.

Soul Reaver

by Kastil Eavenshade

Maurizio is a Nikash–part demon and part angel—the product of the Crusades when Heaven and Hell pitted their best warriors against each other. Able to walk the fine line between the two realms where humans dwell, he snatches the corrupted souls of humans for his demon master Lucretius. Unlike the demon who owns him, however, Maurizio has a soul of his own. When he finds a woman named Amanda whose purity is like nothing he’s ever touched in his long lifetime, he finds himself at odds with the rules Heaven and Hell have set for his kind. Will Maurizio defy his master and fight to remain in the human world with the one woman who has stolen his soul for her own?

Here’s an excerpt to chew on:

“What do you want?”

You, his mind thought to her question.

Her breath on his skin ignited a fire like nothing he’d ever felt. His fingers danced along her shoulder, seeking to touch just a small patch of bare flesh. He yearned to taste her lips.

Maurizio yanked her close, his hand slowly smoothing over her hair. She still smelled and felt the same as she had outside. He smiled. “Amanda.”

She jerked back. “I never gave you my name.”

“You are Amanda Delgrato and you are the most beautiful soul I’ve e ver touched.” Maurizio held onto her forearms and she struggled against him. He couldn’t lose her again. “This isn’t what it seems.” He held her tight, casting his eyes about the room. “It’s dark and sinister. You deserve better. Do you not feel it?” He yanked her closer and placed her hands on his chest.

Amanda trembled as her eyes roamed his body. “These tattoos are archaic symbols. What are you?”


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  1. Oh, this sounds like such a great read. It’s on my books to buy list, but unless I win a copy, it will be months before my book budget even comes close to covering all the ones already on there.

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  2. Awesome sounding anthology! And one of my favorite genres too…squeee… *g* I love reading anthologies, they are short and sweet and just enough to finish one before going to bed 😉

  3. I have carefully picked a winner. AKA… wrote the names down on paper, folded it, tossed it like a salad, and blindly picked one.

    The winner is:

    Lorraine Nelson! I’ll be mailing it out to you. 🙂

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