Six Sentence Sunday: Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver is part of an anthology by Evernight Publishing titled Midnight Seduction: Manlove Edition. It’s drop date is October 2011.

After sending off Soul Reaver, I noticed Evernight had another anthology call. So excited for my first acceptance, and deep into a vacation where I had plenty of time to write, I went for it. Keep in mind while I’ve written hints of romance here and there, I’d never delved into the erotic, let alone m/m. As I’ve matured over my life, I realized love is love no matter what. You can’t stop what someone feels inside their heart.

While I can see why someone people–even my own family–won’t understand why I’ve gone to this ‘extreme’, I can advise them to simply not read it. I never expect my family to read something because I’ve written it. I have the ability to write almost any genre so, in the long run, I am going to write something they will want to read. I probably have.

Here’s the blurb:
Colin Hildebrandt has been pining for one man, Justin Weaver, to be an intimate part of his life but there’s one problem—he’s got a ring on his finger. When Colin purchases a magical item at Rosie’s Charmed Antiques, he gets more than he bargains for in the realm of the Sandman. Lost in the passionate touch of his wanted lover Justin, will Colin see past the fantasy world he’s created or will he wake up and find his true love?

Here’s the setup for the six sentences. The music box lets Colin dream his heart’s desire, and he’s realizing that he’s pulling himself into an illusion of a life. Yet he can’t let it go.


His reflection looked haunted, the angular lines of hurt cut deep into his brow. His life had been reduced to a fantasy world inside a trinket from Rosie’s Charmed Antiques. As much as he wanted to stop succumbing to the madness, he opened the small drawer and fished out a rosebud. Silent tears ran down his cheeks, and he laid a kiss on the delicate rose carving on the side before cranking the handle several times.

Five minutes couldn’t sate his need. Thirty minutes of bliss was what he craved.


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  1. :::SIGH!:::

    Wow, so sad and oozing with romance! The tears running down his cheeks really got me. I love the idea of the music box and how you use it to show us how he pines for another. Whew! Very touching six here 🙂

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