Six Sentence Sunday: Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology

Alright, I had another published story in mind this week but I decided to go with another excerpt from Pulp Empire’s Pirates & Swashbucklers anthology.

The setup:
Bashear has been rescued by an old man from those who kept him from civilization. Bashear must choose whether to fight for what he’s lost or go back to the nothing he has become.

“Tis true you will never hold more than perhaps a small dagger in this hand but your other hand is strong enough for the sword. Choose, Santiago. The life of freedom or one under the yoke.”

The pain inflicted on Bashear’s right hand did not cow him; it angered him and fueled his answer. “I want my revenge, Adalfieri. More than that, I wanted my beloved back in my arms.”

Now, a while back, I tried to get some interest in a giveway on the book but I must have scared off the whole lot of you. With that said, how about another contest, eh? An easier one for fun.

Check this out:

Three things are given and you weave a one paragraph story out of it. For example: Three items- Día de la Independencia(Mexico’s independence day), scurvy, and a pink pogo stick.

Gets this:

Yar! I remember the day like it was yesterday. Me and One-Eyed Pete were fighting these scurvy dogs on the docks, a pox on the lot of them! They pounced on us, the bilge rats, whilst on pink pogo sticks wearing naught but priestly robes screaming ‘Hildago!’. Laughing like banshees, they were, claiming we be ruining their fun by singing bawdy tunes about dancing with Jack Kethc. I asked Pete if he knew what they meant by Día de la Independencia but Pete said we best be running before they use us like the Capt’n uses his cabin boy. I’m not for wanting any parts of that. I only fall for the ‘ARRR! I dropped me rum bottle, would ye pick it up’ twice. Jockeying with the Capt’n’s main mast weren’t what I signed up fer. Off me and Pete went to splice the mainbrace, hoping on the morrow we find better company.

It’s got to have a pirate theme. That’s all I ask.

So the three items are:
A frog with a feather headdress
A can of Spam
One copy of the Pirate Rule Book

Have at thee in the comment section!