Six Sentence Sunday: Soul Reaver

Soul Reaver is part of an anthology by Evernight Publishing titled Midnight Seduction. It’s drop date is October 2011.

I plucked this story from another unfinished novel. I loved the character Maurizio. Though he took a different direction inSoul Reaver than the original piece, I think it was for the best. I really, really loved how my editor at Evernight pushed me to make it better. She didn’t make me feel belittled or like what I had needed an almost complete rewrite. She pointed out the awkward parts and the ones that needed more explaining. Sprinkle in the occasional point out of places she liked, it really helped me in my first process in editing with the big dogs. Thanks for that, Kim. 🙂

Here’s the blurb:
Maurizio is a Nikash–part demon and part angel—the product of the Crusades when Heaven and Hell pitted their best warriors against each other. Able to walk the fine line between the two realms where humans dwell, he snatches the corrupted souls of humans for his demon master Lucretius. Unlike the demon who owns him, however, Maurizio has a soul of his own. When he finds a woman named Amanda whose purity is like nothing he’s ever touched in his long lifetime, he finds himself at odds with the rules Heaven and Hell have set for his kind. Will Maurizio defy his master and fight to remain in the human world with the one woman who has stolen his soul for her own?

Without further delay, here’s my tidbit for you this week. Enjoy!

Though different from the other mark on his soul, he knew a bonding when he felt it.

“No one has ever made me feel the way you do, Maurizio. I wish this could last forever.” She laid her head on his shoulder.

The flood of emotions from her mixed with the serenity hit him and he realized what he had done by mating with her. Amanda owned him more than his demon master.

Lucretius would not be pleased.


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