Six Sentence Sunday: The Romance Novel Book Club

The Romance Novel Book Club is my brain child when, in a bout of depression and ‘yeah, right’ while reading traditional romance novels, I got sick of seeing the same formula.

    -Man finds girl
    -The woman is a virgin
    -Girl rebukes alpha male weinie
    -They pretend to hate each other
    -They make hot monkey love which they may or may not regret at first
    -One of the hoochie mommas that the guy was slipping the willy comes by to create havoc
    -Rinse and repeat

I wanted to create something different. A novel within a novel–sort of. Enter the main character Patricia. A thirty-something self-employed woman looking for love in all the wrong places. I wrote it in first person.

In the following scene, Patricia remembers a confrontation with her strict Catholic parents regarding them finding her with a boy. Enjoy!

I often wondered what would have happened if I told them he was a pre-med gyno making sure I didn’t have cancer of the boobs. Or if they’d caught him with a fist full of taco instead. That would have earned me a trip straight to the nunnery for sure. I firmly believe that the only time my parents had sex was to have me. Sure I’ve read that the more embarrassed people are about sexual conversations, the more kinky they were in the bedroom but I’m here to state that my parents didn’t fit that mold at all. Trust me, I scoured every inch of their bedroom to find one shred of evidence to the contrary.


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