Avast Me Hearties!

Th’ day has arrived fer Pulp Empire’s band ‘o Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology to be unleashed upon th’ seven seas fer wholesome sword fightin’ goodness.

I be proud that ’tis piece got accepted because Bashear Santiago holds a special place in me heart. Ye spy wit’ ye eye, he dis-proves all that has be said ’bout takin’ a character from a roleplayin’ battle ‘n makin’ a story out ‘o it. Granted, Santiago never got far. Th’ battle either fell apart or he got t’ Davy Jones’ locker involuntarily but th’ background I made lived on.

SeptembARrrrr 19th be a perfect day for this Anthology. Talk Like a Pirate Day be just stellar plus t’ latest Pirates o’ t’ Caribbean movie comes out in about a month. t’ best one so far, if you ask me. So dig in ye wallet and spend some doubloons. Nothin’ like a jolly tale o’ brash men playin’ with their cutlass t’ get t’ beauties t’ swoon.

The stories within: Relvan’s Rescue by Kameron M. Franklin, Seachild by Cynthia Ward, The Mark of the Brotherhood by Pam Bitner, Bravo by Ken Lizzi, Voyage of the Hangman by Jason Kahn, Fang of the Serpent by Charles Kyffhausen, Gods of the Sea by D.A. Lascelles, Stephen the Swift by Alva J. Roberts, The Garden of Pain by Teel James Glenn, The Silent Mistress by Garrett J. Calcaterra, With Cannon and Cutlass to the Gulf of Darien by Vincent Morgan, Ronald by Jeremy Bush, The Treasure of the Lost Race by Viktor Kowalski, D’Vil Island by Travis Hiltz, Blooding of the Black Shark by Dixon Hill, Mister Experience by Ross Baxter, Pirate Trouble by David Perlmutter

Stay tuned on ’tis blog fer a giveaway ‘o a signed copy ‘o Pirates & Swashbucklers. Be threatened, ’tis goin’ to be a contest!


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