Six Sentence Sunday: Once a Thief

Hello my unfinished NaNo 2008 project. The story of my life, really. I pound the keys to reach that 50k word count, and then cease to look at the piece ever again. Well, ‘ever’ is a bit of an exaggeration. The character in this is one I came up with in high school.

Yes, this is where you cringe, mock, and otherwise make fun of me.

The first one with him, called Triggers, is a virtual clusterfuck of words. I rewrote it so many times it’s not funny.

I mean that. I started it before I had a computer and worked with a typewriter with an internal memory system of so many characters. I never threw away a version but what I found out was I ended up where I began. Classic example of tinkering with your work way too much.

Once a Thief is where I learned the valuable lesson of renaming files when I started the editing process. I had no idea where to set this piece so a lot of scenes were generic. When I settled on New York, I decided to change the beginning to fit.

Big mistake.

I purple prosed the hell out of it and lost that gritty edge of the original. The problem? I didn’t have a copy of it–printed, thumb drived or otherwise. I had to remember how it went and I’m sure I missed some parts to it. That’ll teach me.

Without further babbling, I give you a small six sentence snipet of Once a Thief.

More than a dozen times Adrian asked himself why he bothered to do this ritual every December for a woman he barely knew- his mother. She taught him her trade and he excelled in it but that had nothing to do with her nurturing soul. She showed him how to steal to feed her growing drug habit instead of his aching belly. He idolized her as a child but eventually grew into a harder reality. Her addiction lay waste to her body and rotted her mind. His brow creased at the remembrance of the last time he saw his mother alive.


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  1. Good character development piece! Sometimes, when you don’t have the original, you write it better the second time. I’ve thought I’d lost a piece and rewritten it, but when I found the original I had done a better job on the later one.

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