The Killing of a Darling: Mistletoe

As some of you might know who follow me on Facebook, I submitted a erotica humorous piece to Evernight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something they were interested in. Once the sting wore off, I realized the snark level I had in it didn’t fit the publisher and I didn’t want to take that element out. I had written too many serious pieces and wanted to cut loose.

Thanks to another snarky female writer over at Scribophile, I was directed to Still Moments Publishing. While they liked what I did, they had a few issues with the piece and they couldn’t offer a contract. If I was willing to take their advice and resubmit…Changing something? Me?

No problem. I’ve learned that no matter how cute you think it is, if you want to get published sometimes you need to stab your piece with a pen. Still, when I got to one of the places they had an issue with I felt the tears brimming. I loved this part and pouted for the weekend on having to essentially cut the whole part out.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this part of the story. I went completely naughty with it. Anyways, I’d hate to see it go to waste so to the blog it goes! Enjoy or go WTF? Your choice.


She giggled, and one of her fingers played with her bottom lip. “Are you giving me another present early?”

“Maybe. Lay back on the bed.”

Mistletoe flopped down, a sense of eagerness in her quivered body. A bright smile blossomed on her face, and her hands clenched in anticipation.

Chris moved to the bottom of the bed, setting his surprise on the bed. He took off his shirt before nudging her feet. With great exuberance, her legs parted to reveal her dampened core.

No hesitation, he thought as his arms wove around her legs. His tongue flicked out and she jumped. Again he darted his tongue out along her sex. Sweet and welcoming, Chris paused to collect himself. Mistletoe needed punished, not rewarded, for what she’d done to him. He gleaming pearl twitched with her movements, and he dove in again. His lips suckled on the sensitive nub, stoking her want.

Murmured pleas, accented by his name, purred from her throat.

He pulled away from her, her taste wetting his appetite. His hands sought the object he’d hidden from her and he held it within her view. Mistletoe gasped at the sight of a large, straight candy cane with a sizeable girth. Chris ran it up her belly, the tip of it circling her hardening nipples. The bell on them chimed one after the other until the candy cane made its way to her lips. He caressed it there to prod her mouth open.

Mistletoe’s fingers curled around the candy cane, and her tongue snaked out to savor its flavor. Lips firmed around the delectable treat, she sucked it in and out of her mouth. She sought to pleasure herself with her hand but Chris batted in away. Her knees drew up, and he pressed them apart.

“Oh no you don’t, Mistletoe.” A wicked grin spread across his face as his fingers plunged into her wet pussy. His thumb tortured her clit, and she continued to perform fellatio on her striped stick. Her vaginal walls tightened around his probing digits. He watched her breathing come in a short staccato beat.

So near her orgasm, Chris ripped the candy cane out of her mouth along with his deft hand below. Her green eyes pleaded with him, her panting stealing her voice but he ignored her desire.

Mistletoe gulped. “Chris…” Her words failed her as Chris thrust the candy cane deep within her. His teeth caught one of her chiming bells and pulled.

Chris found her hips meeting each plunge of his devious device, and the metallic taste of her piercing accompanied the receptive nipple in his invading mouth. His pants tightened. He could no longer deny his desire to have Mistletoe but the pain of his heart prevailed. As much as he wanted to rip off his pants and replace the candy cane with his member, it didn’t serve his plans for Mistletoe.

His dick came loose of his pants as he slid them off his hips. He continued his onslaught between his wicked tongue and confectionary dildo but he wrapped the fingers of his free hand around his cock. Refusing his own pleasure and climax let her win, his mind warned.

Grunts issued him his throat, vibrating off her hardening nipple. His engorged cock, stiffening with every jerk, sent the candy cane deeper into Mistletoe as he matched his strokes to the thrusts. Hot semen poured from him, ruining another pair of sheets. As Mistletoe started to scream out with pleasure he yanked the striped phallus out of her pulsating pussy.

“No.” She cried out and her body folded, trying to recapture the wave of ecstasy. “No fair.”

Chris watched her body convulse on the bed. Scowling, he threw the sex-slicked candy cane on the floor. No matter how hard he tried, she still bested him. He picked up his clothes and got dressed.

“Wait. We’re finished having fun?” Mistletoe sat up on the bed, her eyebrows knitting.


Other things this piece is going through is toning down the verbage used for the description of nether regions and, much like the above scene, Mistletoe mistreats a salad add-in. I’ll keep that scene off here….for now. 😉


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