Six Sentence Sunday- Unchained

I’ve been busy this week. Between montioring rejection letters and getting the edits that need to be completed for Soul Reaver, I haven’t posted anything on my blog. However, I quite enjoyed Six Sentence Sunday last week so I’ll do it again before getting back to my edits.

The blow clip is from a short story titled Unchained available in Golden Visions Magazine’s Summer 2011 issue.

Golden Visions has prompt contests. Sometimes they’re a little clip or a photo to work with. It’s a great challenge for a writer. For this one, it waas an alien prompt. Your character wakes up on an alien ship and hears what sounds like a warning coming over the com but they can’t understand the language. I took it to the hilt. While my entry didn’t come in first, second, or third; Golden Visions printed it anyway as an honorable mention. That meant a lot to me because that wasn’t part of the contest. They liked what I did so much, I got in the magazine. If you get it (please do!), mine is the last one. There’s a couple other great stories in it too.

Cold metal below groaned, threatening to tear in two. The release of pressure around his ankles and wrists had him curl into a ball, the strain of the suspended animation on his limbs ebbing away. The uneasy bliss of waking stirred within. Nausea of inertia gripped and throttled him. His jaw loosened and his oxygen source, his salvation to breathe the thick acrid air, fell out. His lungs prepared to seize but the sweet smell of oxygen rushed down his throat.


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