Six Sentence Sunday- Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology

I’ve never indulged in this fantastic little diddy. I don’t know if it’s my flightly nature or not. Regardless, I figure I’d jump on the bandwagon and have some fun.

Here is an excerpt from The Mark of the Brotherhood, my novelette-sized contribution in an anthology due out soon.

A fresh scar adorned James’ face, a gift from Bashear during their altercation in the Sinner’s Circle a few days before.

“It isn’t over, Bashear,” James said in an even tone.

”Really?” With an exaggerated move, Bashear licked his thumb and turned the page of his book. “I would say the mark on your cheek and the pints we had would say different.” The loser in the Sinner’s Circle was required to purchase ample drink for the victor.

Pulp Empire’s Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology is due out on September 19, 2011. That’s right. It comes out on “Talk Like a Pirate Day”.

Please check out my interview on Kameron M. Franklin’s blog Pens & Swords.


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