The novel that comes before Once a Thief. The original premise of the story was the main character–Adrian Santiago–gets amnesia and begins to get his memory back. Little by little, either by visual stimulation or smells, he gets bits of his memory back and realizes the man who called himself his Uncle had a hand at getting his mom killed. Cue the revenge with a side of click click boom, please.

Triggers stands at 29,110 words and is a complete mess. It definitely falls under the category of I couldn’t kill my baby. I got so wrapped up in certain scenes, I forgot about the big picture and getting it from Point A to Point B. It’ll get there….eventually.

the first paragraph/ 100 words:

The bars slid open and Adrian walked into the waiting room. Across the way, his mother stood with a bundle of clothes in her arms. The clothes he wore now were visibly worn. Hand-me-downs from the juvenile detention center when his mother failed to return any of their inquiries as he grew in the two years he was sentenced here. She walked over to him with a warm smile and he shook his head.

“I brought these for you.” She said, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. Adrian jerked away from her attempt and walked around her.

What I did with this one is show how Adrian hated his mother because of what she was but loved her for who she was to him. So in that way, I think I nailed it. Maybe someday it will see the light of day.