Fate’s Path II

The next book–maybe–in the series. I had thought about making a trilogy, merging the two characters from I & II but it fizzled. There are enough interesting characters in both unfinished books that putting them together might make it a massive clusterfuck ALA Wheel of Time Series. Sad but true.

This one is much smaller, standing at 27,550 words. The main character is Kord Deveraux, a thief (Yes, I love the thieves). Once a prominent figure in Embry, he’s fallen on bad times. He’s lost his one true love and his freedom. The only problem is, the woman he almost married didn’t love him. She used him. Cue the evil villainess, please. Oh yes, I created a bunch of demon-worshipping women who sacrificed their first born males–or any males for that matter–to their god while still in the womb. She needs Kord and his abilities to break in and break out to gather artifacts to call up a servant to her god. Yeah, the epic quest to stop the big baddie from destroying things.

With this one I wove in a backstory of Kord’s family and where they were from–Selung. The book opens with Kord as a child witnessing the death of his father. It’s not until later in the book he finds out how his father came to Embry and starts his journey back to his parent’s homeland to redeem his family’s name.

Here’s the beginning paragraph:

The crowd cheered, a thunderous roar escalading throughout the darkened arena, Embry’s underground entertainment known simply as the Pit. Torches blazed along the oval trench and the obsidian stone glittered. A man dressed in colorful robes patrolled the seats, calling out the odds and taking numerous bets from frantic customers. Michel Kura turned briefly as the stands shook. A small smile crept on his lips as Baerius strode into the black sands below. The man from the east pleased the crowd to no end and fattened Michel’s purse. He had seen Baerius try to walk away from the ring several times but a challenge from another citizen of Embry always brought him back.