Fate’s Path I

In a failed attempt to get published by a company we’ll call Whores Along the Shoreline, I created Fate’s Path. Someone close to my heart took a critical and harsh look at it after my rejection letter came through looking like they didn’t wait for the ink to dry.

With blunt precision, this someone told me one thing: Too much was going on and what I had would work better as two stories. So I took the task of peeling the layers apart and figuring out how to rework it. Afterall, I had two of the characters met up and that wasn’t going to work.

The first one stands peeled and chopped at 50,603. No, not a NaNo. I hadn’t started or heard of NaNo when I started this. If I could unstick my butt from the couch, the rejection letter could give me a timeline. Yeah, not doing it.

Onto the premise of the story. Sebolt Maegwyn is called Quickfingers by his Thieves Guild–The Circle of Nail. Whatever job the Guild gives him, he compiles. So what happens when he thinks his Guild has betrayed him and he falls into the hands of his ancestor’s hated enemies the Sedah? This is set in my homebrew world of Arkania. I built it, I might as well use it, right?

Onto the first paragraph:

Lightning lanced the landscape, illuminating the turbulent waves cresting and falling along the shore. Latúk was hot and balmy this night; the impeding storm only heightened the conditions. The wind moved sluggishly, bursting gusts of thick heavy air to stifle a man’s lungs. Sheets of rain were falling just a few miles off shore but whether it would coat the docks was another story. Such was the weather here, unpredictable and volatile.

Some of you who have read my story Journey of the Damned might recognize the city mentioned in this passage.

Will I finish it? Maybe. As you can see from just this passage, it needs work.