Demon Kin

I had a little sick and twisted thought. What if, during the Crusades, the angels and demons battled on the field but it didn’t work out so well for the angels. I created a race of half angels, half demons trapped in Hell because of a pact between Heaven and Hell. Lucifer gets to keep the product from a lost battle of Heaven so long as they never see the light of the human world. The problem is, this race (the name I chose is beyond stupid so I’m not posting it) is pure when born and if a human finds a book on summoning, they can call these creatures up and ask for one wish. It taints the half breed but the humans don’t know that.

Enter Maurizio–the last of his kind. Tormented and tortured by his demon, he longs for freedom. The most powerful of the half breeds, the magic of his demon master keeps him in check. The problem? It gives him the aura of being as pure as he was at birth.

An excerpt (because I’m not sure if this will be the beginning or not):

Maurizio hunched over, silently working the sharp piece of metal he’d stolen from Lucretius on the heavy shackles around his wrists. His skin smoked and bled as he shifted the cuffs for a better angle and he clenched his teeth. His swirling silver eyes shimmered black as he grunted from the pain. His tormentor would be back and as long as his shackles remained, he was a weak as a yearling (That word I’m not using).

Not for the first time, Maurizio muttered Lucretius’ name under his breath like a curse from the lower pits of Hell. He growled impatiently, his canines bared. He wouldn’t let the creeping insanity consume him and he yanked futilely at the chains. He clenched his hands, digging the metal shard into his palm. His teeth flashed again as the pain calmed him. Plucking the shiny splinter out, he began to work the chains again when a tingling sensation akin to vertigo stabbed him and Maurizio froze.

Again, I thought the characters were strong in this one, I just lost interest and it needs a spit shine. It stands at 35,887 words.