Pale Dragon

Pale Dragon stands at 28,424 words and was my first utter failure at NaNo. Not only did I have to contend with the pull of Assassin’s Creed the video game, I had to deal with a sub-par Toshiba laptop. The laptop died and, since I was bad at backing stuff up, I didn’t have the file to borrow a laptop to finish.

Lesson learned.

Pale Dragon is a story about Mitch Thompson, a man who lost his wife and wants nothing more than to track down the people responsible for her death. Helping him is an old buddy Zahra, a woman from a small sect in Egypt who call themselves The Children of Anubis.

Bad synopsis, really, but I never made one for this novel. To make it worse, this is actually the second novel in the series and I never finished the first.

The first one introduced how Zahra and Mitch met and their unintentional love for each other. While you might think this might be a romance novel, it’s not. I made it more of an action-packed mainstream fiction piece. Plus, Zahra is one bad-ass chick. I just hate the weak female characters in most action/thriller novels.

At this time, I have no plans to crack this one open though I do have a solid outline for it. While this story was created in 2007, the origins dates back to 1987… also known as my high school years.

By the way, ‘high school’ will always mean ‘needs a lot of improvement’. Don’t fool yourself if you think otherwise.

And on to the opening paragraph!

Zahra felt out of place. She kept the hood of her drab fur-lined cloak pulled tight to hide her sleek Egyptian features. She didn’t want attention, she wanted to pay respects to her long time friend Mitch. The torrential rain drowned out the speaker who remained dry underneath the bamboo laced roof that covered the mausoleum. It didn’t matter what he said to Zahra. She didn’t understand a lick of Japanese. Not once in her training had it been necessary to take on another language. In her specialty, words had no worth. What did the dying care for a speech in their last breath?