Once a Thief

Originally titled The Ones You Leave Behind, This one is also the second in the series totaling 54,822 words and was my 2008 NaNo project. The first in the series, Triggers, totals 29,110 words and also dates back to my 1987 days (See:drivel).

Again, I didn’t make a synopsis for this one so I’ll summarize:

Adrian Santiago, after a long stint in rehab for drug abuse instead of spending more time in prison, he’s out on parole and must stay clean to keep his feet on the street instead in a cell at Riker’s. Working at the same warehouse of his Uncle–who Adrian believes dead. He should be, right? Adrian did put a couple of bullets in him to make sure.

Never good at anything past criminal activities, he helps a person he only knows as ‘Ghost’ to cripple the operations of suspected drug traffikers. Considering his mother died of drugs and his struggle to stay clean, Adrian has no problem doing this. Things heat up when Detective Humkle comes sniffing around trying to find something dirty on Adrian’s employer–Severino Castrilli.

Etc..etc…. Another mainstream action/thriller type. It has potential. I just hesitate in finishing it when the first one isn’t complete. I have a general outline for both but they need a good scrubbing.

I’ll get back to this one another time. Adrian was one of the first character I ever created. A messed up kid always in trouble with a mother that bounced from boyfriend to boyfriend to feed her drug habit. I think the character has depth.

But what do I know, right?

Here’s the opening paragraph to laugh at. Trust me when I say it used to have more purple than Barney at first, if you know what I mean.


Adrian stood on the corner leaning against the street light pole. He’d pressed the crosswalk button several times but never crossed, much to the annoyance of the heavy traffic flow. The smoke from his cigarette hung in the air and blended with his crystallized breath. He flexed his fingers, trying to gain some warmth back into his fingertips. Most of people out tonight had the sense to bundle up but Adrian never much cared for the bulk of a winter jacket, preferring a knit cap and a hooded zip-up sweatshirt. He scowled, dropping the cigarette to the ground and crushing it with his sneaker. His past was what had him standing on a corner watching the sky shimmer in the dark of night as the clouds threatened another few inches of snow. He could stare at the eerie glow all he wanted but it wouldn’t accomplish the task that had him wandering out of the warmth of his apartment. Sighing, he crossed the street. He zipped up his hoodie, pausing briefly to give a car laying on his horn the finger.