Ghosts in the Mirror

Circa 2009, I started NaNo–again–in hopes of coming up with that one novel I’d finish. Ha-ha. I’m funny. However, I did grow on this one. I made a synopsis:

Jeremy Riggs has spent most of his life in and out of the hospital. One month he’d be full of vigor and the next comatose. The doctors can’t explain it but Jeremy figured it out around his fifth birthday.

Jeremy’s soul is too weak to sustain a normal life. He’s become a vessel to young souls who are uncertain how to move on. When the soul merges with Jeremy his body reacts throwing up ectoplasm. The color of it tells him the kind of spirit entering his body and until now the colors have been blue or green.

Waking up in the hospital, a year after being found at the county dump next to the remains of a missing girl, Jeremy finds his newest spirit is nothing like the previous ones. Angry with a will to use their host to find their killer, Jeremy must fight for control of his body. To make matters worse, the police seem to be very interested in how he knew the girl’s exact location at the dump.

Ghosts in the Mirror stands at 57,908 words. At first I thought about making names for each chapters, the first being called Wake Up, Sunshine. I dropped the idea. Coming up with a title for a book, IMO, was hard enough. To have to make one that fit every chapter? No, thanks. I wasn’t interested.

I hope to have this at my current project from start to finish. A new territory for me, I decided to make it Young Adult. Specifically, my son’s age at the time.

Yes. I tested each completed chapter on him and he loved it. Children are easily amused, aren’t they? My standards, however, are a little higher but I have to watch the lingo. Big, fancy words might work for adults but the KISS method works better for the youngins. I don’t agree with that but that’s the way it is.

This is the opening paragraph of the original draft. The current edit looks nothing like this (thank gawd):


The sound of steady blips filled the darkened room. Sitting beside Jeremy, Romy held his hand like she’d done for the past year hoping that he wakes up. The constant anxiety that this time he would slip away caused a tear to roll down her cheek again. This, by far, was the longest time he’d been in this state and his condition never got better when he did wake from this. Over the years, it got worse.