What have You Done for Me Lately?


That’s the only way I can describe it. Not very thought provoking for an aspiring writer, right? The fact is most upstart writers aren’t at home pounding away the keys all day. Locked in their small rooms, pushing aside the random crayon drawings of the children they shuffled off to school, they torment the keyboard in a fiery blaze.

Do I wish I could do that? Honestly? No.

Being free of the nine to five doesn’t kick writer’s block to the curb nor does it inspire us to make the next epic trilogy featuring a vampire lusting after the beautiful and enchanting granny at the old folk’s home. Little does the vampire know that grandma is the long lost third cousin on her mother’s side—twice removed—to the great Van Hesling. Sad as that sounds, someone is reading this blog going ‘I could totally write that’. [insert facepalm here]

Okay, okay. What have I been doing? Certainly not posting to this blog. Sure I’ve dabbled on a piece comparing what Hollywood does to the classics such as The Count of Monte Cristo—which I may repost here—and I’ve written and thrown a couple of pieces to various publishers but seriously…

What have I done?

I have a triumph of sorts. My very first paid publishing gig has arrived at Golden Visions Magazine website. For four glorious months they will display it and after that, I can shuffle it off somewhere else should I chose. I thank the wonderful people at Golden Visions for thinking Fate Whispers deserved their attention.

My artwork will also be featured on a book cover. This one still amazes me how it unfolded. I’ve created art for most of my life but never became serious in it (much to my husband’s dismay). The sites I visit around the ‘net display some of my pieces in the form of avatars (like here), silly photoshops or smilie creations but for someone ask me to make something of this magnitude? What were they thinking?

I took to it because when someone asks me to do something like this, I rarely say no. I like helping people in this way. While my Deviant Art doesn’t show it, I love making black and white artwork. The hard lines and wispy curls—I’ve got sketchbooks full of it. Saying no wasn’t an option. Pleasing the author of the book? That was a priority. Besides, like that little piece at Golden Visions, this is a stepping stone. You never know who will look inside the cover, see my name as the artist and go “I got to contact her!”.

If you’re going to dream, dream big.

Want to take a look at the cover? It’s right here. Keep in mind the book is so much more than the cover and J.A. Belfield delivers. I missed the boat on critiquing Darkness & Light over on Scribophile. However, I have read some of her works and she keeps the story driving. I love the way she weaves the tale and I am fortunate to have my path cross hers. I will be buying this book… and not in Kindle form.

Right after I finished Journey of the Damned, I started another project for a Pirates & Swashbucklers Themed Anthology over at Pulp Empire. I’m still waiting for my hard critiques to come in but the story stands at a little over 14k. For the most part I’m pleased with the way I weaved the tale. I did things I love doing in stories—referencing something that happened earlier in the story. Whether it’s a subtle action of the main character or dialogue, I put it in there hoping I made the story so compelling that the reader smiles when they get to that part.

I don’t have a name for the piece past the working title—Buckle Me Swash. I was in a cheeky mood (imagine that) when I named it. Before I send it off, it will have a new name. Apologies to those who liked it but it doesn’t fit the piece. It’s too comical.

One more point before I end this drivel. I’ve shelved The Romance Novel Book Club. It’s not that I don’t like the characters or the plot. It’s because I changed so much of it I feel like there’s a void. I’m repeating myself to get to the last romance novel Patricia reads that makes her realize she’s letting the love of her life go because of trivial things. As heartbreaking as it is, it’s the right decision. Any of the readers of Chapter Nine would agree.

Instead, I’ve switched back to Ghosts in the Mirror. It stands incomplete at a little over 57k words and has been simmering in the pot for almost a year. It needs a polish and it’s just the break I need.

Until someone dangles another juicy anthology in my face, that is.


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  1. “a vampire lusting after the beautiful and enchanting granny at the old folk’s home. Little does the vampire know that grandma is the long lost third cousin on her mother’s side—twice removed—to the great Van Hesling.”
    I could totally write that!
    Thanks for the mention 🙂

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