Insert Metal Fingers Here

Today I put the finishing touches on the short story mentioned here. It now looks nothing like the original. I took the beginning word count of 1880 and flushed it out to 3167. I loved how the story evolved and took on a different personality. I like the play between the protagonist and antagonist and plan on doing something just a little more naughty with the two in another short story.

I’ve also renamed the piece. Watery Aspirations fit the original but at the end of the road, it had nothing to do with the finished product. The new title is Journey of the Damned. It’s as polished as I want it to be to send out into the market so off it will go.

On the publishing front, I officially got my contract with Golden Visions Magazine today. Fate Whispers will be published online. I’m hedging on whether to frame the check I’ll receive or going out to buy a big juicy hamburger with it. Yep, that’s the thing about writing, folks. It doesn’t pay big money and success stories like Stephen King or David Morrell aren’t as common as you think.

Besides, I’m not in it for the money. If I was, I’d have big delusions of grandeur. I’m in it so I can point (someday) to a bookshelf or, more likely, an online catalog and go– “That’s me. I wrote that”.

Yeah, that feels good. 🙂