Oh No, Not Again

So if trying to come up with a quick fix for a Ocean-themed short story, I dug out some old files from my roleplaying days. After each game, I would write a post about what happened through my character’s PoV. This also included little stories on the side spun from my head. The word count on these combined files is enough to have a trilogy on my hands.

There’s only one problem: I don’t own the setting the stories take place and the entity that does cares little for the character I wove in it. What to do? Should I toss away 300+K words because of this minor detail?

I think not.

I’ve seen it elsewhere. Taking a story you’ve written from one realm and tossing into another can’t be done. I disagree with that statement. Granted, it takes more than changing names to accomplish the task but it’s not impossible by any means and I aim to do it.

Most of the leg work is completed. I created my own little fantasy world several years ago so I have the setting. From here I’ll change all the character names except for the minor characters I’ve created. I’m sure some of the situations I wrote about will have to be culled or completely rewritten. Again, not a problem.

My real problem will be time. By my own notes, I’ve got two novels in progress. One side of me says this one would be an easy completion, the other part of me says I haven’t finished one novel yet. This makes thinking about cutting into another one a big problem. I just can’t pull the trigger. It will have to wait because I have to get my priorities straight.

So for now I’m going to concentrate on finishing two more short stories and getting them to the market. March will be novel time. I will choose between Romance and M&M. April depends on my mood and any responses from the market on what I have out there. I’m also going to work on a series regarding The Count of Monte Cristo—the book and the movie differences and why both are a necessity.

In the end, so long as I’m writing something—including this blog post—I’ll be happy.