The Road to Publishing

I meant to do this sooner but I’ve decided to update my Road to Publishing entry every 6 months to make it easier. I want it to have a cleaner look. That means remembering some HTML. No sense in teaching myself it if I don’t use it.

While I track these on Duotrope, this is a constant reminder for me to keep going forward.


1. The Dark (Flash Fiction, 953 words):
Literary Hatchet: Sent in October 2010, no response.
Shock Totem: Sent 2/08/2011. Received form letter that it is in an editor’s hand 2/9. Rejection sent 3/2/2011.
Liquid Imagination: Sent 03/03/2011. Rejected!. Sent to Dark Recesses 3/24/2011.

    Total Rejections: 4 (Golden Vision Magazine, ?Date?; Apex Magazine, 2/8/2011; Shock Totem, 3/2/2011, Liquid Imagination, 03/16/2011)
    Acceptance: 0

2. By The Pale Moon* (Short Story, 1102 words):
Dark Valentine: Sent 10/31, no response yet.

    Total Rejections: 3 (G/olden Visions; Title-Goes-Here 10/27/2010; Raven Electrik Ink, 10/28/2010)
    Acceptance: 0

*I am in the process of editing this piece with a different ending.

3. Unchained (Short Story, 1760 words):
Submitted 21 February 2011.This is a contest entry for Golden Visions Magazine. If it doesn’t make the cut, I’ll send it out to somewhere else. The contest ends May 31st.

4. Journey of the Damned (Short Story, 3167 words):
Elektrik Milk Bath Press: Sent 03/04.

    Total Rejections: 0
    Acceptance: 0

This one was sent for consideration in a Oceans Anthology. Deadline is 31 March 2011.

Fate Whispers:(Short Story, 1102 words) Golden Visions Magazine, April 2011. 04 March 2011: I accepted the terms of the contract. They will be publishing this online.

The Mark of the Brotherhood (Short Story/Novelette, 15,204 words)
Pulp Empire, Late June 2011. This is for a Pirates & Swashbucklers Anthology.

The Romance Novel Book Club
This currently sits at 30,550 words. Three chapters are polished with the forth and fifth ones in the stages. I’m going slow with this one as I’ve changed what happens in the two current working chapters. I plan to finish this and submit it to a publisher.
UPDATE 01/22/2011: I have five chapters polished and in the crit pile of a good friend. Currently, I am working on the rewrite of Chapter 9. It stands at 34,323 and I have done the first edit of Chapter 10. This one has taken a different twist. I’m doing a novel within a novel and I haven’t gotten to the part where it really gets introduced.

This was my NaNo project. It has potential but also needs a lot of work. It stands at 52,439 words. I’ll work on this one when I need a break from The Romance Book Club. Since they both are along the satirical line, switching doesn’t break the flow.

Ghosts in the Mirror
My NaNo 2009 Project. It stands incomplete at 57,908 words.