I’ve been writing though not too much. This is my normal routine after NaNo ends. While this year’s NaNo flowed out easier than last year’s and I still have interest in writing that along with my current novel project, I decided to not worry about word count or progress for now. Instead, I replaced my hard drive.

The hard drive I had wasn’t bad, as was the case with my last laptop, it just wasn’t big enough. You need extra space on your hard drive for it to run smooth, especially if you have a lot of things running in the background. I did. I’m not completely finished loading software—I use a lot of programs—I’ve gotten the basics on.

Replacing a hard drive is a simple task and easier on my Gateway. You have a panel on the back held on with four screws and it’s right below. I got a surprise, however, when I opened the casing. Two spots for hard drives. TWO! Nothing in the manuals and specs ever told me this. What did it mean? I didn’t need the external enclosure I bought. Not really a big deal since I didn’t pay that much for it. I slid the new hard drive into the casing and popped it in. Next came a little configuring for the latptop to recognize it and I was set.

Now I have plenty of storage for my art—both kinds. I still need to muck around settings, like making it so double tapping the mouse doesn’t move the positioning. Yeah, I’m not a mouse person and having it sit right where my palms are causes for some interesting reading.

I’ll keep to editing on my break at work for the current project—The Romance Novel Book Club—and plod on in creating a little more professional work for my other blog home Gnarrative.

Until next time.