Holding Myself Accountable For NaNo

EDIT: I won, so I switched out the graphic.

There. The widget that will scold me and drive me on to make my goals this month of November. Yes, I know it’s October 31st according to the timestamp but I’m setting myself up. I can’t afford any distractions this month aside from obligations I can’t shirk. I’ll track my my successes and failures of November’s 50k fest in this thread, editing as I go. This will be in addition to checking for those flash fiction/short stories I have out there dangling like a carrot hoping someone takes a bite.

Happy NaNoing to my friends going for broke. Let’s have fun together letting our hair down and encouraging each other. Until December, I’ll see you at the end of 50K.

Just for fun, I’m adding a few friends and a word war graph. I think most of them will finish before me but that’s the breaks. My goal isn’t finishing first but finishing. Doing it early just is icing on the cake.

It is about fun, right?

WEEK #1 UPDATE: I’ve caught up to my word count this weekend and managed to polish a book review for a more professional blog. I’m supposed to do crits for Critters this week but, as bad as I feel about it, I’m blowing it off. I need to stay focused and finished this early. Total count for week #1: 11,708 words.
WEEK #2 UPDATE: I’m ahead in my count going into a week where I don’t have to work so we’ll see if I can belt out the rest this week and finish. Total count at the end of week #2: 27,449. Total words typed for week #2: 12,741.
WEEK #3 UPDATE: I had a very productive week and, barring the Apocolypse, I should finish this week easy. Total count at the end of week #3: 41,102. Total words typed for week #3: 13,653.
WEEK #4 UPDATE: I’ve reached my 50k mark and have stopped the process of NaNo Officially. I’ve created another file called ‘rewrite’ and will go through the jumbled mess to get the story back on track as I originally intended it, not the dark twisted path I took. Now while what I have isn’t horrid, it’s just not humorous or satirical and more along the lines of a odd erotica. Don’t ask. Total count at the end of week #3: 50,119*. Total words typed for week #3: 9017.
*NaNo’s validator doesn’t count hyphenated words as two so when I used the double hypen mark in MSWord, it counted it as two (which technically it is) and NaNo didn’t. Thus the difference. Regardless, I’ve completed another year of NaNo and have another unfinished novel. Go me!

I also ‘cheated’ and did my cover art early. It’s a simple design and I needed a break.