On The Road to Fandom Tracker

I’m going to track my attempts at getting published in this area here.

1.The Dark (Flash Fiction, 953 words). Received one rejection. Currently awaiting rejection from Literary Hatchet on this one. It’s in what I can only assume is the second phase. It took a month to get back to me (standard for them) and it could be another 2-3 months from that to hear anything. First reply is dated 8/26/2010. Still waiting for a response I have sent a query letter out. UPDATE 01/22/2011: I have decided I’ve waited long enough on this one. Call me impatient but I think this flash fiction has great potential. I have sent it on to Apex Magazine for consideration. Rejection received 2/8/2011. Nothing I didn’t expect, really. I’ve sent this one onto Shock Totem.

2.By The Pale Moon (Short Story, 1102 words). Rejection letter #1 received. The standard “Not what they’re looking for.” Currently out and about to Title-Goes-Here, sent 9/26/2010. UPDATE: This has been received by an editor and put in their reading cue (or do they call it the slush pile?). ANOTHER UPDATE 10/27/2010: I received a rejection for this but a small personal note was left with it. I was really close on this one. I’m going to send this story out to Raven Electrik Ink next. UPDATE: I got a rejection with a quickie semi-personal response on this one on 10/28. Still time to send something else it says too, which I don’t have right now. I’ve sent it to Dark Valentine Magazine 10/31. According to the auto-response email, it takes them about 2-3 weeks for a reponse.

3.Sorrow’s Harvest (Short Story, 3505 words): Sent to Apex. I have received the confirmation of receipt 10/1/2010. Response time should be 20-30 days. UPDATE: Received a response from Apex 10/17/2010. They’re passing on this. I’ve put it back to the edit pile because I wasn’t happy with it when I sent it out. UPDATE 11/07/2010: After getting at least 8 Critter Crits on this one, I’ve decided it’s on definite hold. They’re not all bad comments but they bring up a valid point: The MC is interesting but the ones around him–key characters–aren’t. it needs to be expanded. My dilemma? It’s already at a significant word count. A lot of places don’t want a long short story from what I’ve seen. Not to say there isn’t one out there. So this one will stew for now.
UPDATE 11/11/2010: It’s obvious to me by the comments received on this piece it just doesn’t work as a short story. Too much in such a compacted piece leaves too many questions. I see no way, without losing the impact of the story, to strip it down but expanding it is going to make it too big for a short story as this point. With that in mind, I’m going to bump this up in size. I see no other alternative so it will sit off to the side, I will pick through the critiques and make notes.

4.Fate Whispers (Short Story, 2284 words): Sent out this morning 10/8/2010. UPDATE: Received a reply today 10/17/2010…. Accepted by Golden Visions for April 2011 timeframe.

The Romance Novel Book Club
This currently sits at 30,550 words. Three chapters are polished with the forth and fifth ones in the stages. I’m going slow with this one as I’ve changed what happens in the two current working chapters. I plan to finish this and submit it to a publisher.
UPDATE 01/22/2011: I have five chapters polished and in the crit pile of a good friend. Currently, I am working on the rewrite of Chapter 9. it stands at 32,361.

This was my NaNo project. It has potential but also needs a lot of work. It stand at 52,439 words. I’ll work on this one when I need a break from The Romance Book Club. Since they both are along the satirical line, switching doesn’t break the flow.