The Pink Pen Massacre

At one time, I loathed the color pink. Every wedding I got roped into being a bridesmaid, the bride picked the ‘lovely’ shade of pink for us. Every stinking wedding and trust me when I say I’ve been in a lot of weddings. Then there’s the mentality of girls always wearing pink. Seriously? Save that girly crap for the princesses, if you please.

So, when it came to editing my babble art you would think that pink would be the last color I would use.

Yep. That’s the color pink you see in that picture. I got this set of gel pens of various colors and pink is the color I picked up first. I couldn’t help it. It’s like the older I get, the more I giggle at using or buying anything pink. In my youth, I would cringe and grab the first black thing I’d seen. I clung to it like a security blanket yet now…. black doesn’t do it- for editing that is. If I had the ambition, I would pull out some of my old editing pieces to post and show the use of black. When you think about it, it’s a poor choice. I mean, black ink doesn’t pop out against black lettering does it?

So here I am wondering in the back of my mind where I can buy a bucket full of pink gel pens, preferably fine tip. Those other colors just don’t do it for me. Hmmm… does using pink to critique one of my male friend’s works emasculate him? Tee-hee….

Oh, and if you’re wondering, my bridesmaids wore blue.