Assassin’s Creed Renaissance by Oliver Bowden

I like the little blurb on the cover. Okay, it makes me laugh actually. ‘The original novel based on the multi-platinum video game for Ubisoft’. Um…yeah. More like it took the story from the video game, sometimes word for word, and filled in the blanks…. Poorly.

Now the filling in of the blanks wasn’t a bad thing since I’m one of those geeks that love a good in depth story, even in my video games. Assassin’s Creed left many things open and you wondered if it was important to put in this character why did they just disappear later. So I’ll give this book props for that.

What I won’t give it credit for is being well written. Except for the few parts that go word for word in cut scenes in the video game, the rest seems poorly put together and in some areas rushed. It’s like the author wanted to throw it in for a cool factor. Perhaps he was a geek for the game and wrote this up, sent it to Ubisoft and they saw dollar signs. You can sell a lot of book based on a popular idea before words get out on how much it blows. I can’t tell you where I got this book but I know I didn’t toss money way buy it.

This book also did not convey Renaissance Italy well either. I suppose that’s a minor point. Okay, not really. Most new passages in the book started with the year the book progressed into and what the character had been doing to get up to this time. No setting the scene or describing the splendors of Florence. I mean, you’ve got this character that has lost everything in a blink of a night and you don’t convey that emotion? That should be an author’s dream not an author shortcoming.

I cringed when I did a Google search on Oliver Bowden and found this is the only book he’s written. Good, maybe we can stop him from writing more. I can get over the difference in the way words are spelled (American vs English) but poor writing and use of dialogue that has no place in the time period is annoying. He needs to stop before he writes another teenage equivalent of “OMG! Then we did this, and then we did that and I’m totally, like, switching out my Codex weapons and all like rawr!”

Yeah. Not recommending this book unless you want to flip to the back and learn some interesting Italian swear phrase.

Until next time, arrivederci!

Next book on the chopping block….. Adam by Ted Dekker.