Ah Hells Bells

I can’t get going during this hiatus from the real world. I started the one short story and got a few paragraphs out before going meh. It’s there so don’t take my brain fart as giving up. Something just happened while walking along the boardwalk besides the my knee telling me how much it hates me and will haunt my sleep tonight.

I thought about my NaNo 2009 project. Yeah, I brought it with me. I couldn’t help but think I’m abandoning it and giving up on it. I had a goal, afterall, to finish it. My standard formula of taking December off because of the frenzy of November shouldn’t be an excuse not to finish what I started. I’d fluffed off the other two years for various excuses and I shouldn’t do that this year. If want to write, my hubbie isn’t stopping me either. Maybe it’s a little of this:

So I went through the two chapters of editing I had completed, deciphering my notes because I allowed it to sit for too long. I started with the rest of it and so far I’m editing up a storm and not getting sick of it. Cross your fingers and hope I keep it that way. I am a Gemini and prone to distraction.

Another story that strikes me when I’m walking (damned if I need to bring my small notebook with me) is the one centering on an island that used to be off Ocean City, NJ. A big storm came in a long time ago and wiped it out. So much that no one remembered about it until some of it was unearthed. So I had an idea about kids sailing on their last hurrah before college… the fog rolls in… and there it is. I’ve got a beginning, middle, and end for it which my usual MO. I’m not one for a tight outline. I tried that in 2007’s NaNo and, along with my laptop dying, it stopped me from just going with it. I’d get a good flow started, get several pages written and then realized I’d gone astray. I’d lock up and freeze with my fingers paralyzed just hovering over the keys. Now I use a much looser formula. I have my three elements listed plus any ‘scenes’ I want to have in it and go. It’s worked the last two years and now I need to realize that my story shouldn’t be put in some graveyard to rot. I did this for a reason and damn it, I need to finish something I started sans the short stories.

Yeah and someone should come up with a device for writers to tell them to take a break to eat because I’m horrible at that.