The Shimmer by David Morrell

I read this one when it first came out as I preorder all of this author’s books on Amazon. I wrote this review for the ‘enjoyment’ of others on another website that will be closing down at the end of the month.

The story is about a phenomenon known as the Rostov Lights and its affects. You have the one of the main characters Dan Page- a cop- coming home to an empty house. His wife has left without a trace but he soon finds out that she’s supposedly on her way to her mother’s. Apparently Dan is so wrapped up in his job that his wife has felt left out of the picture and doesn’t bother to tell her husband she has breast cancer- the kind that will kill you.


No novel would be complete without some sort of government conspiracy and this one doesn’t disappoint. The old ‘abandoned’ WWII base out in the middle of nowhere that’s actually not so abandoned.

So the lights are either seen by you or not and some develop a strange fascination with them and waste their time staring at them during the nights they appear. So it’s kind of like the internet.

So good ole Dan, being a cop, traces down where his wife is since she never made it to her mom’s. There she is waiting for the lights. Her character in general is as boring as her husband. I just couldn’t get into them at all. Sure I like the detail and the general flow of the book is excellent as always- something I expect from a write the caliber of Morrell.

This isn’t the first book I’ve disliked from him but the other two were because for personal reasons. I would not have had the characters do what they did but that’s for another time.

To make matters worse, he introduced a douche bag reporter who was just after the story. He made you loathe this character so much that even after he redeems himself at the end, I still thought the fucker needed kicked in the junk.

The antagonist in this book wasn’t exactly ‘evil’ but trying to finish work that his grandfather had started regarding the Rotsov Lights and possible uses to end the war because they threw off music at a certain frequency that in some sense drove people to levels of insanity.

We get our happily ever after at the end. The mean old government gets a boot up its collective ass; Dan and the wife mend the fences that she decided to tear down. He becomes the sheriff to this backwoods town in East Bumfuck so his wife can be there when the lights come back and the asshole reporter falls in love with his female co-worker. Blech.

Technically sound as far as the writing goes? Yes.
The little bit of detail to stop me from pushing the BS button? Yes.
Engaging me in the characters? No.

Sorry, David. This is the first book of yours I wouldn’t consider rereading.