Kicking It Off Again

Today I edited one of my old short stories that I hadn’t even looked at for a couple of years.  It was a themed piece I made for pleasure for a site that’s being shutdown.  I’m a huge fan of gladiators and that general time period of history and the piece had to center around Galen, a physician at the time who had some very interesting theories.  So I wove the tale surrounding him and an ex-gladiator and threw in secret societies and murder.

I think it’s a little too rigid and while the overall story is solid, I think reading it feels too much like a history paper for my liking.  I did one edit before sending it off to a friend of mine to look it over (kill the adverbs, kill the adverbs).  I think if I would have gone through it a second time, I would have chopped it to suckastic levels of shitdom.  I’ll wait until she comes back with the slice and dice constructive but firm crit for me.

Next I’ll be working on something original, if I can keep my mind off making graphics or causing mischief elsewhere.

EDIT:  On a side note, the current book I’m reading- Ted Dekker’s Boneman’s Daughter is really good.