Hello My Dead Tree Friend

I forced myself to read the book I picked from the pile.  For now I’m going to say that the reason I didn’t start in the first place is the author.  I’ll say this, however, this one so far isn’t as painful as the other drivel she’s written.  I’ll leave it at that since I will be tossing my full review here and a lesser version on Amazon where I bought this travesty of fiction.  No Kindle or Apple product for me, BTW.  Staring at a computer screen is probably why my eyes have needed glasses.

I’m still trying to comprehend how someone thin from malnourishment could possibly be attractive in anything from the neck down.  Let’s not get into the semantics of the lust to love factor right now.  I just read the description given for this body type think something different.

Her body was thin, like someone had taken and stretched human skin over a skeletal form.  Her breasts were no more than the markings from a mosquito attack.  His cock thrummed at the thought of ripping her clothes off, holding on tight to her pronounced collarbone and riding her of into the sunset.

This might sound like an exaggeration (in a sense it is) but I do notice most romance-type novels make none of the woman voluptuous curvy gals with real meat on their bones.  The funny thing?  Most of the writers of these books look like they’ve had a few sammiches in their time.  I think I’ll insert that somewhere in my work-in-progress anti-romance book.  I came up with a name for it- The Romance Book Club.  Yep it’s still on the back burner for now but always floating around my head.

I have made progress with two short story ideas.  Forget the one I mentioned before.  It’s not going anywhere except for a one page horror-type squirm read.  The idea of it is down so that’s all that matters.  No, I’m going to renew my energies in short stories.  This is my goal- get them cranked out in June and have one of my very best friends give me a good rake across the coals on what doesn’t work etc.  Then I’ll do something I haven’t done in a few years.  Submit my work.  My rejection pile is a measly two rejections tall.  I can do better than that!

Here’s to June, my birth month and favorite part of the year.  Here’s to blocking out the time needing to get back on track.