Making Progress

I’ve left Chapter 1 behind of my NaNo 2009 project.  After two rewrites, I need to move on.  Unlike my mistake of last year, I’ve kept all the edits in separate files.  In 2008, I started the re-write without doing that and when I had my hardcore editing, smack me in the head buddies look at it, they thought it too much detail in the beginning.  The stripped down version- the one I got rid of- would have worked so much better.  I’ve learned from my idiocy.

On to Chapter 2 and now Chapter 3.  I haven’t put it in the Word document yet, just have my tree-killing pages mashed up with fine-tipped gel ink marks.  It’s progressing well considering when I started this project, I began to loathe it around 28k words.  I don’t know why.  I liked the story’s concept and I had the material.  I just didn’t want to do it.  Other projects pulled at me, begged to be written.  That is a huge problem with me- Unfinished business.  I have plenty of them.  The closest I’ve come have been the last two years of NaNo.  The story is finished, sort of, in that it has a beginning, middle, and end.  The flushing out is all I have left to do.  That, sometimes, is my kicker.

Notice how I don’t care for thick books that have a lot of fluff?  NaNo 2009 stands at about 169 pages.  Only the first five chapters are broken out and there are incomplete parts.  If I had to guess, the finished project should be about 250-300 pages- no more.  I wouldn’t want to put anymore into that.  I like the story to move and not bore the reader.

I’ve got a long way to go in this babble art.  I tossed some luck to the wind and I hope it returns good news about a writing workshop.  Extra cash is something I don’t have and I’m hoping I’m good enough and needy enough to get a free pass to this.  Only time will tell.