Sometimes it Pays to Think

My son, an avid reader, came out with the latest offering I gave him- Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel– and asked for something else.  He wanted Coyote Blue (another Moore novel) but I didn’t have that one in my stash.  I started rifling through what I had sitting around in the living room, separating the smut from the fiction.

I paused for a second as I got to the bottom of the pile.  Oh for fuck’s sake!  Another Sherrilyn Kenyon book!?  What am I? A sadomasochist?  Did my level of stupidity reach new heights?  Yet I feel compelled to read it… but not just yet.  No, I’ll wail and gnash for a couple of more weeks whilst I read Kim Harrison’s latest offering.  Her last Hollow series book was a bit disappointing but I’m hoping it was a sophomore slump about seven books into the series.  Except for a few things I’ll mention in the review, her writing keeps the pace flowing, a plus in reading IMO.

Three months into the New Year and it’s been an interesting ride.  My goal of reading more is waning a bit in lieu of trying to edit my 2009 NaNo project.  I have until the end of June to get my proof together for a freebie.  I must admit I’m having a blast killing my darlings.  Quite proud too as I dragged the pen over a sequence that I held like a child to my bosom.  Had to be done, you see.  You can’t cuddle a passage as gold when, if you look at it with sound mind and body instead of with your Golem mask on, it just doesn’t fit the characters no matter how cute it reads.  Kill it, burn it, take its keys and tell it never to return.  You’ll do yourself a great disservice by leaving it in.  Besides, this is the first edit.  Best I tidy it up and have my words in order instead of the choppy mess I started out with.  That’s the thing about NaNo.  You’re on such a fast pace that words fly out of your fingertips with no regard to how it reads to a potential buyer of your goods.  Viva la EDITING!

Oh and I picked Stephen King’s The Stand for my son to read.  My husband hedged on my choice until he realized how old our son is now….. and how old we’re getting.  Life’s grand, isn’t it?


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  1. My mom initially had a problem with my sister reading Stephen King, and then she talked to one of her teachers, and was told that if anything, King is grammatically correct, and she will get a good dose of grammar. Also, he tells solid stories, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  2. My son watched The Stand on TV and I wanted to smack him upside the head. Read the book, I told him. It’s much more enjoyable than allowing a director to fill your head with the imagery. Seeing in your own mind far outweighs pretty pictures on a screen.

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