Long Weekend of Doing Nothing

Okay, not really.  My husband had a milestone birthday so that took priority over anything else.  Thank you to Mack & Manco’s for being gracious hosts to the festivities and I hope your staff enjoyed the leftover cake as much as we enjoy your pizza.  I did (though it’s been a struggle) get some reading in.  I’ve selected Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity as my next ‘victim’.  I’ve seen the movie and generally I like to read the book before the movie.  Just didn’t happen with this one.  So far the book isn’t anywhere near the movie and maybe that’s a good thing.  I’ll leave you wondering on that for now.

My quest to finish the NaNo 2009 has been coming along sloooooow.  It’s not that I’m not interested in the story, it’s that I have been fucking around instead of putting my nose to the grind.  While I’m trying to keep up with writing something almost daily (even if it’s scribbling notes for the latest review), I’m not concentrating on one thing.  It’s the Gemini in me that makes focusing so hard.  So tomorrow I start again, renewed, with Chapter 1.  A good friend of mine gave me some pointers on how to make it more interesting so I will tailor it, cut it, and shape one of the minor MCs more.  She’s an important character and I really didn’t give her enough depth in introducing her.  I overlooked the beginning being seen from her PoV and didn’t give her the credit she deserves.

Would I love to get this project published? Pfft… what writer doesn’t want to see their babbling in print and on the shelves for the masses?  The fact remains that I need to polish what I have and finish it.  That’s the key.  No sense at looking at the stars and dreaming if I don’t have anything concrete to toss out.

Another thing I used to refrain from is reading when I’m writing.  I don’t know why I thought it was taboo to read especially when horrid writing inspires me to write something (IMO) better.  I did it though but I have seen the errors of my way.  It’s important for writers to read.  It’s almost an escape and it’s certainly better than escaping through the boob tube.  Television leaves nothing to the imagination.  The pictures tell the story crystal clear for us.  We don’t imagine what the characters look like, how the scenery is set or how everythings fits together.  Reading opens up our minds and helps us use our greatest gift- our wild imagination.  What are we without our dreams and our what ifs?  Meat puppets, I suppose.

Oh I watch TV, don’t let me fool you.  It’s mostly Olympic hockey (GO USA!) these days and the few shows I watch with the hubby.  All in all, however, I realize what a distraction it can be when writing.  When I kick myself in the ass, I descend the steps into the cold basement with a Snuggie and blanket- Snuggies are great on the couch but don’t cover your back when hunched over a computer- and set up in my sewing room.  It’s easy enough to slide the sewing machine back and set the laptop up for a marathon session.

As a friend of mine says (though his word count craze is more ambitious than mine) it’s important that you write something-anything.  I try, for the most part, to write about 500 to 1000 words a day during my break at work.  It’s hard sometimes, especially when USB device restrictions inhibit me taking what I do home.  I have ways to get it but sometimes it’s bothersome and I’m left losing flow because I don’t have a whole document to work with.  Such is life and I can’t allow that to stop me from driving forward.

If I stop, the only thing that has defeated me is myself.  That will not do at all.