What’s in a Name?

Perhaps it might have looked a little self-important to showcase something of mine with a character of the same name of my blog title.  You see, I’m a geek at heart and one of the first ‘hardcore’ characters I played was Kastil.  It stuck and when I signed up to the numerous messageboards on the web, I used that name.  It was short and sweet and easy to remember.  Of course the character was male and I am not.  It was my way of keeping the creepy gamers at bay.  For some reason they thought a female playing a female character gave them the right to get their freaky flirt on.  Yeah, right.  Don’t think so.

While I used a pen name on the web, I kept it the same no matter where I went.  I might not use my real name but I try hard not to pretend something I’m not.  I try not to say anything I might regret later and try to hold my tongue if something particularly nasty comes to mind.  That’s what makes babble art so much of a release.  Characters can get that off their chest and while consequences still stem from what is done or said, it stays on the pages and doesn’t leech out into reality.  My reviews, however, I make no apology for.  They are what they are and if a fanboi of the author takes issue, that’s not my concern.  After all, my reviews are just my take on the novel.  If you like an author I might pounce on a ground full of tacks, good for you.  Write your own blog to your faithfully blind devotion.  Hell, I didn’t even care for the last book by my favorite author.  I did a review on it elsewhere on the interwebs.  One day I might post it here.  Maybe.

Perfection isn’t something I strive to achieve in my day in, day out life.  That would drive me crazy.  Perhaps it’s more to do with the pressure more than anything.  Then again, maybe not.  I set goals and for the most part, I strive to achieve them.  The thing I’ve always had a problem with is people telling me what to do.  It gives me this urge to do the complete opposite.  No, telling me not to take a falling swan dive off a bridge doesn’t make me do it.  Last time I checked my brain still functioned.

So I remain Kastil for the internet.  Besides, wouldn’t it be better to read someone’s work without knowing who they are?  It would stop the fandom and rose colored glasses when reading an author we’ve slobbered over for years.  Everyone can lay a stinker.  Even my favorite author since 1987.