Because I Can’t Help Myself

Soooo…. I decided to give this bug a whirl for the heck of it.  After a book drought last year, I decided (not as a resolution because those don’t last for me) that I would read more this year because I’m buying the damn things and not cracking them open.  Obviously my passion for buying has overridden my sensibilities as I’ve ran to the register and put my hard-earned coins down on some rather unpleasant books.

My attempt here is to give you a little taste of what I thought of the book in my own honest fashion.  I don’t pull punches because in the cut throat world of writing and publishing, some how some really horrid stuff oozes through the cracks.  What I hope to do is save  you not only your time in reading some drivel but your money.  We are in recession, after all.  Pinch your pennies and all that.

While I fancy myself a writer, I don’t think my stuff is the most perfect slice of bread.  I try, though, and I have a close knit of friends that tell me (honestly, of course) if it’s a pile of crap or if it has potential.  That’s what friends do- give you what you need not what you want.