We All Need to Get Over Ourselves

Wake me up when this bullshit passes.

Wake me up when this bullshit passes.

Reviews are a tricky business. Back when I did them–a looong time ago–I always injected a little bit of snark. It’s in my nature to do so. There were books I loved and books I loathed. With each one, I attempted to at least show some good in each novel. Sometimes it was pulling teeth to find something. Eventually I decided that I wouldn’t post anymore reviews unless I had more positive than negative. Besides, that’s not my gig here to do reviews. I’m just not into it. I like to read at my own pace. On Goodreads, I have a three or more star rule. If I can’t give it at least three stars, I delete the book from my shelf and speak on it no more.

So, through a private site I belong to, I found out about a Blogger Blackout. The anchor, it seems, to this idea was when Kathleen Hale–who I admit is way bat shit crazy–chronicled her stalking a book blogger who gave her a less than savory review. Not having the other side of the coin makes it hard to pass clear judgment but Dear Author, as they do, analyzes it in their own way. Interesting points, to say the least.

Look, stalking is wrong. The lengths that Hale went through are criminal or near to it but without the person in question coming out, there’s really not much of a case. That’s the way the chips fall. Besides, the nice veil of the internet allows people to walk around, asses out, to show their anonymous tattoo in a scrawling script.

From the Ellora’s Cave derpiness to human interaction through the computer akin to monkeys throwing poo lately, I’m just sick of it all. It’s great that people band together to support a cause. I can’t discount the power of that. What I can’t abide by is mob mentality. I’ve been victimized and lumped into a group that I had nothing to do with because of people adopting this philosophy. I kept to the advice I give to others–I didn’t react to it. The fire fades if you don’t throw any fuel on it.

Every author has gotten a bad review, no matter how big they are. It’s the nature of the beast and it’s not going to change anytime soon. My personal favorite that I’ve received remarked how they hated the sex between the man and woman … in my strictly m/m novel. I snickered and moved along. I have no room in my life to slink around or curl up and cry over a bad review. I get over it. I’m doing what I love and to let someone ruin that? No fucking way.

As an author, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read something I created. Lord knows reading a book takes valuable time plus typing away at the keys to post the review. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on said books. I’ve even thought on some reviews and said to myself ‘man, they have a valid point’. Blog reviewers are just as important as the authors that write the books they review. We need each other, plain and simple.

But I have to ask one thing–can’t we all just get over ourselves? Can we please stop the intimidation through social media and all the verbal diarrhea?  Authors–suck up the bad reviews and do not react to them in any public form or criticism about the content you write. Scream into your pillow at night and soldier on. Review bloggers–can we use a little more tact in the way reviews are written? Take a bad review to a whole new level that makes the author go “thank you, may I have another?” We are all human, full of emotions. Just as authors use pen names, bloggers should be free to use one too. Freedom is a wonderful liberty. However, on both sides of the coin, it doesn’t give anyone the right to verbally demoralize someone or gang up on a blogger/author when you disagree with their opinions.

Just because opinions are like assholes doesn’t give anyone the right to act like one too.

One thing before I close–I recommend everyone read this blogger’s post on the blackout. I like their point of view on this whole subject.

Be kind and be well, people. Find the joy and drop the hate.

Meet Paige Tyler

I’ve opened up my blog for authors associated with Ellora’s Cave to promote something from another publisher or self-published in their catalog. Authors need love and some can make a career out of it, ditching that drab 9 to 5 to do something they truly love. So when things go a little south with a publisher, that dream could be shattered. So sit back and relax as we highlight some great stories!

There really is something about a man in uniform, wouldn’t you say? Rawr.


Inspiration for SOMETHING ABOUT A MAN IN UNIFORM…a military ménage boxed set.


My hubby is retired Army, so I got to spend a lot of time not only around soldiers, but also marines, sailors, and airmen as well (his job was a joint service kind of thing). What can I say about getting to spend so much time around all those servicemen other than I developed a great appreciation for all they do…and how good they look in uniform!

Come on…who doesn’t love a man in uniform? J

I’ve written sexy ménage stories about women who love cowboys (The Buckle Bunnies Series) and cops (The Badge Bunnies Series), so I figured it was time to show the same love to those serving in our armed forces. And with Veteran’s Day coming up soon, I knew it would be the perfect time to show a little thanks in my own special way.

Each story is your basic girl meets guy—or in this case, two guys—kind of erotic romance, with one of the services getting to play the starring role. The stories are presented in the order of oldest service to youngest—Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force. And each of them present the troops as I always picture them—fit, strong and hunky!

Of course, since they’re military, you know the guys always display good teamwork, which is extremely important to the woman in each story.

I hope you have as much fun reading these as I did writing them!

And if you pre-order, you’ll get the set for the special price of $2.99! The price goes up after release day (Nov 4th) so grab your copy now! J

*hugs* Paige



Supporting the Troops – an Army Ménage  Knowing she and her husband Dylan won’t be able to make love with his Army buddy, fellow Ranger Carter Erickson arriving the next day and staying with them for two weeks, Shelby Reynolds surprises Dylan by greeting him at the door naked when he comes home from work. Only Dylan isn’t alone. Carter came in a day early and gets an eyeful of her very nude body. While Shelby is embarrassed, she’s also extremely aroused. She loves Dylan like crazy and shouldn’t be fantasizing about other men, especially his best friend. As Shelby gives in to her inner exhibitionist, it turns out that Dylan is just as turned on by the idea of a threesome as she is. After all, if a guy can’t share his wife with his best friend, who can he share her with?  Semper Fine – a Marine Ménage  Delaney Shaw is stunned to discover that her high school crush Colt Baxter is the best man at a wedding where she’s the maid of honor. Too shy to ever come on to him back then, she doesn’t intend to make the same mistake now. There’s only one problem. She’s just as attracted to his friend and fellow Marine, Jagger Cruz. Not wanting to come between them, Delaney decides not to make a play for either one. But when it turns out that in between them is exactly where Colt and Jagger want her, she gives in to her desire to be the center of a hunky Marine sandwich.  Fleet Week Fling – a Navy Ménage  When Sophie Montgomery promises her best friend she’ll be her “wingwoman” during Fleet Week in San Francisco, she doesn’t have any plans on hooking up with anyone herself. But when she meets Navy hunks Cameron Gerard and Kellen Devane, her resolve crumbles. Not only do they look hotter in their uniforms than Alexander Skarsgard in Battleship, but they’re sweet, too. So, when they suggest a threesome with a little bondage thrown in, how can she possibly say no?  Rescue Me – an Air Force Ménage  When Kayleigh Ellis gets stranded in a ditch on the side of the road during a storm, she’s sure that she and her cat are in deep trouble. But luckily Air Force Pararescue Jumpers Austin Fuller and Kyle Larsen show up just in time, giving her and her cat a ride home. Wanting to thank them for their help, Kayleigh invites them to stay for dinner. Austin and Kyle don’t want to put her to any trouble, but she insists. And while the dinner is fun, Austin and Kyle are more interested in dessert, particularly if Kayleigh is on the menu.


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Boss Overboard by Claire Gillian

Boss Overboard by Claire Gillian




 An all expenses paid, trans-Atlantic cruise has romance written all over it…unless you’re the poor sap who has to inspect the toilets and time the cafeteria lines. As if secret-shopping her company’s failing cruise ship isn’t bad enough, Lydia Johnson is forced to bring along a “top talent” new hire as her assistant. With a heart barely healed from her ex-fiancé’s deceit, she’s in no mood to train a man who might cheat her out of an overdue promotion.

Paul Thomas may be new to J.P. Theriot Enterprises, but he certainly knows his way around cruise ships. The Cajun charmer also isn’t shy about pursuing his desires, including his wary, but oh-so-sexy-when-she lets-her-hair-down manager. He’s shared more about himself with Lydia than any other woman…except who he really is–J.P. Theriot.



Paul chuckled softly. “He sure noticed you.”

Lydia’s brows lifted. “Oh? In what way?”

Paul shrugged. “He saw you were with me and was wondering if you were taken.”

“And you said what?”

“Peter thinks you and I just met on this cruise, that we’re part of some singles package.”

Lydia crossed her arms. “We’re starting to have way too many stories.”

“And not a single one of them has you as my lesbian BFF.”

She raised a finger smiling. “Mark thinks we met at a book club and are platonic friends.”

“Thank goodness of all the people on this ship, he’s the one person who doesn’t think you’re mine. You do know you can’t go off or be seen alone with him, don’t you? As you yourself said, we’re here to work and not have fun chatting up blondes, and I assumed that applied to both sexes, bottle and natural blondes, and so should you.”

“Oh puh-lease. I am not interested in Mark Williams. He’s a friendly guy and my next-door neighbor, but that’s all. I don’t even like blonds, bottle or otherwise.”

A grin tugged at the corner of Paul’s lips. “What kind of guy do you normally go for?” He stepped into her space. “We both already know you can be tempted by my type.”

Lydia scowled and walked off.

He caught up to her. “What? Just stating the obvious.”

She increased her speed, but refused to acknowledge him, because dammit he was right.

“You can run but you can’t hide from the attraction between us, Lydia. And where are we off to in such a hurry anyway?”

“The art gallery,” she tossed back over her shoulder.

“Terrific. One of my favorite spots. There’s a nude I want you to see.”

She stopped and spun around. “You can’t keep talking to me like this.”

“I can’t talk about a painting or did you think I was talking about something else?” He was the picture of innocence.

Heat crept into her cheeks. She gazed up at him. “Because it’s not professional, and we’re here to do a job, not hook up!”

Paul frowned and blew out a rush of air through his nose. “This is so ironic, you know. Everyone on this ship already thinks we’re hooking up, but we can’t because you don’t want to look unprofessional. Did you forget the part that looking overly professional runs counter to being a good secret shopper?”

Lydia swiveled her head to either side as if scanning for eavesdroppers. “Keep your voice down.” She did another scan. “It’s not about looking professional or unprofessional. It’s about being professional. They are two different matters entirely.”

“What if I said I would quit?”

Lydia’s lips parted in a soft gasp.



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Claire Gillian is the pen name for a number-crunching executive by day and a darkly romantic curmudgeon by night. She also writes fifty shades naughtier stuff under the pen name of Lila Shaw (but please don’t tell her mother) and young adult fiction as Iris St. Clair.  No matter which name she uses, Claire is happiest penning romance drenched in humor with a dash of intrigue and loads of spice. Claire lives in the boggy Pacific NW with her husband and two teen-aged sons.


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